Hear the story behind it all.


Crossroads Boutique began in 1970 when, Carol Gaffey, followed her dream of providing the Greensburg area with beautiful, moderately priced fashions. The boutique has since been redesigned into a mother-daughter-owned boutique. Casey, Carol’s daughter, joined the business in 1988. Her love for the fashion world blossomed. The two have made the boutique THE place to find styles ranging from casual to fun weekend wear, to elegant, evening wear, to playful, and even shipboard cruise wear. You’ll be guaranteed to be dressed in distinct and timeless sophistication. The dynamic duo continues to share their passion for helping people dress, look and feel their absolute best.


What Our Customers Say

The owner, Carol, is so pleasant and helpful. She has excellent taste in creating outfits that her client(s) will look good in. NO PRESSURE from her at all. She says “you need to love it & feel comfortable in it.”

Nancy L.

I love to shop at Crossroads, I always can find something. You treat customers royally. After all, my nickname is Queen! 


Peg G.

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